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Photography by James Jay Fortin

Additional information: Butch Heilshorn, Co-Founder/Author, butch@eartheaglebrewings.com


– Book Overview –

This revolutionary brewing guide features unique botanical beers brewed without hops for a distinct, invigorating flavor. These techniques are presented by George “Butch” Heilshorn, who brewed these ancient ales weekly at Earth Eagle Brewings in Portsmouth, NH which he co-founded in 2012. This throwback to traditional Belgian brewing is technique-based and full of unexpected flavors that will blow a brewer’s mind and palate. Earth Eagle Brewings has served these beers to intrepid imbibers for almost 6 years–so far.

This back-to-the-future brewing features gruits –beers brewed with little or no hops– that rely on the roots, leaves, flowers and fruits from a host of other plants to flavor beer. From Spring to Fall, Earth Eagle employs a forager to harvest these plants from local woods, swamps and seacoasts to create beer that provides an expression of locale; a reflection of time and place.

Home brewers and professionals, looking for different flavor choices, can expand their horizons and push their brewing to new places with these outside-the-box techniques. Beer enthusiasts will enjoy the stories in each chapter presenting some of the history and lore of the many plants Heilshorn has brewed with. This book features 12 main recipes plus a myriad of variations and suggestions, with 60 gorgeous photographs by the inimitable James Jay Fortin.

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– Endorsements –

“A wonderful book! Truly a pleasure to read; I can’t recommend it highly enough.”  Stephen Harrod Buhner, award-winning author of Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers: The Secrets of Ancient Fermentation


“Blasphemy! If this information leaks out, there will be an entirely new revolution in brewing. These beautiful ideas begin to uncover the whole world of beers which we have tragically lost from our human consciousness.  The stagnant, monopolistic, and excessive use of hops substituting for creativity in beer is hereby threatened! Long live the revolution!”  Brian Hunt, founder, Moonlight Brewing Company, Santa Rosa, CA


“If you’re trying to wrap your head around the rapidly expanding world of botanical beers, there’s no better place to start than the extensive experiments of Butch Heilshorn in Against All Hops. It’s not a rejection of hops, but a warm embrace of just about everything else.”  Randy Mosher, author of Radical Brewing, Tasting Beer, Mastering Homebrew, & Beer for All Seasons


“Rather than agree with Butch about the necessity to brew historically based beers known as Gruits I’ve fallen in love with his story and antidotes on brewing out of necessity without the use of hops. Butch throws all convention out the window on brewing beer with hops and embelishes the use of herbs and spices…. hell he even uses a smoked pigs head along with the drippings… read: BLOOD! in their (Earth Eagle Brewings)  Porter Cochon. Nothing is off limits for the Gruit. I praise Butch’s whimsey and his take no prisoners attitude. Against All Hops is a fun must-read for all practitioners of brewing anything other than hop based brews, be they witches or whatever or just interested brewers. Cheers to Butch!  Tod Mott, co-founder, Tributary Brewing Company, Kittery ME


“A fascinating and mouth-watering look at the multiple alternatives to hops in beer that our ancestors knew all about and we have almost forgotten. You’ll put this book down not just wanting to drink the beers described inside, but brew them yourself.”  Martyn Cornell, beer historian, author and blogger at Zythophile.co.uk


“As a brewer who has long enjoyed creating beers outside of the basic malt/water/yeast/hops paradigm, it has been a pleasure to watch Earth Eagle Brewing evolve thanks to the unquenchable enthusiasm and curiosity of Butch and his partner Alex. This book captures their commitment to the unique flavor opportunities offered by herbs, spices, flowers, trees, and fungi – and even the occasional moose’s head. Through Earth Eagle’s intrepid explorations we gain insight into the wider world of brewing that has occupied the majority of the history of fermentation. Providing historical notes and information on the medicinal properties of the herbs used and where to find them, Against All Hops is a practical guide which motivates us to think outside of the box and get creative with our beer.”  Will Meyers, brewmaster, Cambridge Brewing Company, Cambridge MA, 2017 Brewers Association’s Russell Schehrer Award for Innovation in Craft Brewing recipient.

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