“Green Hour” New Year’s Eve

December 31, 2016 , 8pm - shortly after Midnight

absinthenewyThe only ABSINTHE-themed New Year’s Party in New England–maybe in the country! In late 19th century French cafes, 5 pm become known as l’heure verte, or “the green hour,” signaling the onward flow of emerald absinthe into the later hours of the evening. We’ll be starting ours at 8pm but the intent is the same! We’ll have some period music playing, lots of green lights, food specials, a champagne toast, and absinthe sweet absinthe both louched and in some delicious cocktails.

Not familiar with the stuff? Absinthe is a very high-proof anise-flavored spirit derived from herbs, most importantly wormwood. It’s often distinguished by it’s natural green color but there are some clear versions as well. (If it’s some other color beware, it’s probably junk!)

Contrary to popular belief:

– absinthe does not cause hallucinations

– it should never be set on fire

– it only needs sugar when it’s poor quality

– is best enjoyed mixed 1 part absinthe to 3 – 4 parts ice water

never drink it straight, you’ll burn your throat and miss out on the wonderful flavors!