Portsmouth Beer Week Highlights @ EEB

by Eric Martinson
Well, folks, it’s that time.  Portsmouth Beer Week is once again upon us!  In celebration of craft and collaboration, prepare yourselves for ten straight days of sipping, swigging, and shenanigans.  And fear not, fellow imbibers, the Bunker is fully stocked and ready to go with a full schedule of events for your drinking pleasure.  Here are but a few things to look forward to…

On Tuesday 2/23, come on down and catch the release of Fallen Angel, a barrel-aged barley wine.  The recipe for this big brew dates all the way back to Alex and Butch’s garage days, back when the bunker was just a twinkle in their eyes.   Production began over a year ago (fun fact—if you tried Omaha this past year, you drank a saison that was brewed with the second runnings from Fallen Angel).  After the initial brew and fermentation cycle, Alex transferred the beer to stainless steel tanks for eight months.  From there, the aging angel went into bourbon barrels for six weeks before making its final move back into the stainless steel tanks to mellow out for an additional four months.  Clocking in at 11.9%, Fallen Angel has a smooth, raisin-like sweetness with light bourbon and vanilla notes.  Because of its gravity, Alex could brew only one barrel of this sweet beaut.  Be sure to get some while it lasts!

On Saturday 2/27, the Big Bird is all about that funk.  That’s right, Sour Saturday is back and bigger than ever before!  Tarty treats on tap include Sour Puss, Madam Trixie, Wild Willy, and Samantha.  The eldest of this trifecta, Sour Puss, is the result of Alex’s first sour blending.  This particular batch was pulled from a barrel containing a blend of five-year-old, three-year-old, and 1-year-old Flanders style ale.  Not a traditional Flanders red by any means, Alex has taken to calling her a northeast sour red ale.  Madam Trixie, the middle sister, is a blood orange, black pepper saison aged with brett for fourteen months in an old bourbon barrel.  She’s a sweet saison with a light bourbon character.  Wild Willy is their popular William Wallace gruit soured by a night in their parking, cooling off in, what else, a coolship! Samantha, the youngest, is a Belgian blonde aged for six months (in the same barrel as Madam Trixie) with lacto and fresh strawberries.  She’s beautifully balanced with strawberry and a touch of funk.  Stop by and pucker up for these old gals!

Cap off the week Sunday 2/28 with an artisanal cheese and EEB pairing.  The Bunker will be closed to the public from 11:30am-1pm whilst Ruth Miller, The Beer & Cheese Maven, introduces ticket-holders to some of the finest fromage from cheese makers in Landaff, NH, Rockport, ME, Acton, ME, and Londonderry, VT.  Like the boys and girls of the Bird, Ruth has a love for all things fermented.  She is a home brewer of twelve years and a master of matching dairy to drink.  She’ll explain why beer and cheese are so simpatico and demonstrate how to pair successfully with 5 EEB brewings.  If you hanker for a hunk of cheese, get your tickets at EEB today, $30!

The Bunker will be CLOSED on Monday 2/29. Those two tired bar windows will be replaced and the tap system will get a major upgrade!

Visit the EEB Events page for all of their PBW events.  Also, check out PortsmouthBeerWeek.com for the goings ons at other participating establishments.  We hope to see you real soon…Gobble, Gobble, Hey!