And now the story of this year’s PORTER COCHON.

Matt getting all aggro with his poker.
Matt gets all aggro with the smoker poker.

Firstly merci buckets to Emily & Matt out to Durham Point who graciously hosted Smoker Fest’14 and allowed us to use their double barreled smokah. What a beaut, eh? Matt and a buddy designed and built this exceptional rig and had the foresight to install a dual exhaust system. WOW!


Secondly, more buckets of merci to Julie & Barry up to Bridgewater Farm in South Berwick for the 4 split hog heads. Incidentally, these heads are from hogs partially raised on spent grain from EEB. That’s pretty green, innit?

Thirdly some merci buckets to our favorite forager, Miss Jenna, who found a big ole stand of sweet gale this past summer. After we stripped off all the leaves and buds to brew with, we saved all the sticks and twigs and Asmokelet them mature in an undisclosed garage for several months. And in the end, my swarthy friends, that is what we used to smoke them hog heads!

Alex stares back at one of the steely eyes.

The smoke was rich and pungent as we all took turns adding more gale twigs every 20 minutes or so. We enjoyed some fine Smuttynosed beverages as well as some Rogue beard beer. After 3 hours not only were the heads well smoked, we were too.Mpoke

Some days later, at the EEB bunker, the halved heads were boiled for a few hours with honey and brown sugar into a wonderful broth. After the meat and bone were strained smoked hog headsout, the broth was pumped into a boil kettle full of porter wort. Then at a specific moment during the second boil some of the eye balls were reintroduced, to the abject delight of that days Granite State Growler Tour crew.I'shaveit

Come gets a taste soon!