*On Tap Now

August 9th, 2017

*Our tap list changes more frequently than this webpage does: our batches turn around wicked quick!

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You can also call the bar at 603 502-2244 and if it’s not too busy, someone will pick up.

Also, be sure to ponder our mostly local guest tap list whilst you visit.



Pale Ale

ABV 5.6%

Brewed for Alex’s soon to be married brother, this recipe is from a late friend of theirs who was an avid home brewer. It’s a balanced pale ale, light on the hops to allow the 30lbs. of Maine blueberries to shine on!


Rauchbier (Smoked Ale)

ABV 5.6%

Excited to present our first brew with Red X malt, a new product from Germany. This rauchbier has a lighter smoke character than most and a hint of chocolate–super approachable and yummy!


Old English Ale Gruit

ABV 8.0%

This brew has a lot to taste! Basically an old ale without the hops, it sports maple syrup (instead of sap) from Double-D Farms in Acton ME, Maine-foraged chaga mushrooms, and nutmeg in the boil. Talk about your goods from the woods!


Belgian Pale Ale

ABV 5.6%

A Belgian pale ale all hopped-up with Nugget, Cascade, and Centennial, this is one easy-drinking slake!


Oatmeal Stout

ABV 5.5%

ghetto defiantLet this oatmeal stout fix whatever might be wrong for ye! Rich, delicious and tre’ satisfying. Get a growler–this is an awesome breakfast beer too!



ABV 5.6%

41f10f18ab2b32c6b5c76810d25e861aSweepy McGhee is back! This amber gruit has bunch of Scotch Broom in it–shipped straight from Oregon where it is taking over the landscape. Sweeps has got a mostly pils and 2-row base along with locally foraged sweet fern and the last of our poplar buds. The taste is a bit medicinal, slightly sweet and oddly refreshing. It’s good for you and good to you!


Blonde Gruit

ABV 5.1%

whitelightThis always has a mostly pilsner malt bill with some oats and wheat. The current version of our delicate blonde gruit has Scotch Broom, Scurvy Grass, and Clarey Sage sharing spice duties. Simply put, mind-blowing.