April 10th, 2017

*Our tap list changes more frequently than this webpage does: our batches turn around wicked quick!

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Also, be sure to ponder our mostly local guest tap list whilst you visit.



Amber Gruit

ABV 6.6%

What happens when you wanna make a German beer and all the styles look good? Mash’em up! Mostly a Munich malt base blessed with avens, hawthorne berries and horehound. Oops, no hops! A pretty cool quaff if we don’t say so ourselves.


Pale Ale

ABV 5.6%

hops1Our single hop American pale ale, all Amarillo baby!


Belgian Stout

ABV 7.2%

blackmonkThis is a smooth and balanced Belgian stout! A bit sweet, a tad estery, this quaff is dark, rich, mysteriously magnificent!

ROUGH RYDER (bbl-aged)

Belgian Tripel

ABV 8.8%

At last, the American rye tripel gruit sour you didn’t know you were waiting for with mugwort, hawthorn, and pau de arco bark–barrel aged for more than a year!! Take this ryde before it leaves town!

WHiTE LiGHT (bbl-aged)

Blonde Gruit

ABV 5.1%

whitelightThis sour version of our delicate blonde gruit was aged in an apple brandy barrel for over a year! Contains mostly pilsner malt with Hawthorne, Yarrow and Echinacea sharing spice duties. Dry-hopped with Black Locust blossoms. Mind-blowing.