On Tap Now

November 22nd, 2017

*Our tap list changes more frequently than this webpage does: each 5bbl batch lasts between 1 and 5 weeks!

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You can also call the bar at 603 502-2244 and if it’s not too busy, someone will pick up.

We also keep an ever-changing tap with ciders from our handsome and talented pals at North Country Hard Cider in scenic Rollinsford NH.  Gluten-free baby!


Amber Gruit

ABV 6.5%

Vinnie Gallows is a tarted-up version of Gallow’s Harvest with a post-fermentation addition of locally foraged wild grapes! Gallow’s Harvest, a pre-colonial era collaboration brew with Professor Baker from Salem State University, is a mash-up of several olde recipes he procured which we brew for Halloween/Samhain. It contains a mix of grains, locally-grown squash, molasses, and a special blend of herbs and roots.


India Pale Ale (IPA)

ABV 6.4%

ancestralA tribute to old-school IPAs with Centennial, Cascade, Chinook, and Columbus. Dry-hopped with Simcoe for a touch of today.


Old English Ale Gruit

ABV 8.0%

This brew has a lot to taste! Aged for 18 months it’s basically an old ale without the hops, it sports maple sap from Double-D Farms in Acton ME, Maine-foraged chaga mushrooms, and nutmeg in the boil. Talk about your goods from the woods! Sour, vinous, woody, earthy, intense!


Russian Imperial Stout

ABV 9.2%

This burly halloween stout is jacked-up with milk and candy sugars as well as Tomahawk, Amarillo, and Centennial hops. Horrifically yummy, Mummy!


Czech Pilsner

ABV 4.4%

Kazimierz-Michlik-i-Maria-Teresa-NiteckaNamed after some folks on the Czech side of Alex’s family tree, it was our first-ever stab at a pilsner. Guess what? It is some awful gooooood!


Robust Porter

ABV 7.1%

PUCA copyAn enchanting and unusual porter with curry, pumpkins, Thai peppers, and rum-soaked coconut–it’s our most popular fall brew!

And the name? Púca (poo-kah), is a spirit or ghost, primarily a creature from Irish folklore. The Púca is associated with the autumn harvest. In some locales, reapers leave a small share of the crop, the “púca’s share”, to placate the hungry creature.


American Red

ABV 5.4%

redryderBrewed with a third rye malt and Amarillo hops. Fruit citrus and caramel malt on the nose. Light earthy rye, some citrus and a good dose of caramel malt flavor. Medium body with a semi-dry texture. One of our easiest and most satisfying drinkers.


Sour Gruit

ABV 5.6%

samsquanch_hockey1This gruit is built on your usual pale ale grain bill and spiced with Spikenard and Sweet Gale and a bunch of locally foraged autumn olives and dogwood berries! We’re pretty sure Bubbles’d howl like hell over this one.



ABV 6.2%

Brewed for our first beer dinner at Sonny’s Tavern, this collaboration with their chef Jess is a saison with turmeric and locally foraged sweet gale and barberry. A fascinating farmhouse for sure!



ABV 5.7%

cupsnpmwcaacngdAka Jo’s Toes, this wonderful tart seasonal gruit features wild grapes (and their wild yeasties) foraged by the one and only Jenna Darcy. The base is mostly 2-row and honey malt, spiced with wormwood, locally foraged burdock & dandelion roots, rose hips and the last of our Oregon-foraged scotch broom.



ABV 5.2%

witchcraft03With a modern literal meaning of “midnight,” the term witching hour refers to the time of night when creatures such as witches, demons, and ghosts are thought to appear and to be at their most powerful and black magic to be most effective. Our Witching Hour, black magic in a glass, is a lovely saison taken to the dark side by a slight addition of roasted malts. The ’16 version sports the rind and juice of meyer lemons too!


India Pale Ale (IPA)

ABV 6.7%

zeus_4This delectable IPA, named after the king of the gods, is yet another installment on our quest for hopped heaven. GENEROUSLY hopped-up with Motueka & Zythos, this juicy quaff ought to get your green blood pumping!