March 23rd, 2017

*Our tap list changes more frequently than this webpage does: our batches turn around wicked quick!

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Also, be sure to ponder our mostly local guest tap list whilst you visit.



Amber Gruit

ABV 6.6%

What happens when you wanna make a German beer and all the styles look good? Mash’em up! Mostly a Munich malt base blessed with avens, hawthorne berries and horehound. Oops, no hops! A pretty cool quaff if we don’t say so ourselves.


Dark Gruit

ABV 7.6%

8986978_f520This dark gruit is built on a milk stout grain bill, this beaut is bittered and spiced with Star Anis, Sweet Gale, Coltsfoot and dry-hopped with Mosiac. Roasty and well endowed with pucker-power, this is a wondrous pour! Usually sour, this latest batch is blended with last year’s–aged in a bourbon barrel for 13 months–just a tad tart!

In Greek mythology, Erebos was a primordial deity, one not taking human form, representing the personification of darkness.


American Stout

ABV 7.6%

nocturnal2clipStraight-up stout, just like it should be–ON NITRO. Warming roasty malt backbone with just enough hops to call it American, it’s a winter warmer extraordinaire! This batch is on nitro too…


American Red

ABV 6.0%

redryderBrewed with a third rye malt and Amarillo hops. Fruit citrus and caramel malt on the nose. Light earthy rye, some citrus and a good dose of caramel malt flavor. Medium body with a semi-dry texture. One of our easiest and most satisfying drinkers.


Old Ale

ABV 8.3%

Reggie WThis somewhat dark cidery beaut is complex and mysterious with it’s roasty, smokey malt base and a bold medley of sweet flag, birch and pao d’arco barks. Think fortification on many levels…


Wheat Pale Ale

ABV 5.6%

SHEPSCROOKBrewed with 45% wheat malt and all New Zealand hops, this light bodied beaut is full of pineapple notes and finishes with a sauvignon blanc white grape character. Hopped with Green Bullet, Moteuka, and Nelson Sauvin hops. Not to be confused with a hefeweizen, this will blow your socks off!